On a Mission To Do Good

At Wanderruff, we want to play our part in preserving this beautiful planet we call home. Dogs would agree that we should do our best to treat those mountains, parks, and beaches they love a little bit better. So, we set out to create the best quality dog essentials that use recycled consumer plastics and sustainable materials wherever we can.

We're not as sustainable as we want to be yet, but we're working on it...

Dog sitting in room with man holding leash surrounded by discarded water bottles
Style and Substance

Wanderruff essentials are inspired by adventure. They not only look good, but also merge comfort and consciousness so your pup can feel good, while they look good.

And with your support, one day we will reach our aim of producing products made from 100% sustainable materials.

Committed to Consciousness

Made using recycled materials, shipped in eco-conscious packaging, and donating 1% of turnover to causes that support our planet.